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Get the Mold in Homes Removed For Better Resale

Real estate entrepreneurs engaged in renovating older houses for resale typically come across the problem of mold in homes.

One area that is commonly plagued by mold is a rundown bathroom. Unfortunately, often a bathroom plays a vital role in the decision-making process when it comes to buying a home.

There is No Do Nothing Option

The fortunate fact is a bathroom can usually be updated and remodeled easily by replacing worn-out old elements with brand new highly functional ones that meet today’s consumer demands. However, finding mold in homes can lead to costly repairs.

Getting rid of the mold has no option. It can’t be covered over. It has to be removed. If remodeling a bathroom for eventual sale, a great need pops up to be able to identify mold in homes.

OK – So What is Mold?

It is a fungus. It spreads quite quickly in a damp environment and, thus, loves to call a bathroom home. Not only does mold in homes smell and look awful, it can be extremely toxic to living beings. There are types of mold that remain fairly harmless like what appears on tile grout or that black yucky looking stuff seen around bathtubs and toilets.

These types of mold can easily be removed with a simple bleach and water application. However, finding toxic black mold in homes presents a situation needing immediate – and usually professional – attention because it is extremely dangerous.

Black Mold in Homes Attacks Living Beings

The black mold can be a serious and dangerous health threat to all living things – including pets. Black mold causes respiratory problems along with flu-like symptoms, skin rashes, fevers and headaches. Mold loves moisture so it can be found in almost every bathroom despite precautions taken.

Anyone remodeling a bathroom can easily pick up mold on hands as well as clothing since it can be found on floor tiles, walls, ceilings and fixtures such as lamps and around faucets. Wood-constructed cabinets are favorite breeding grounds for mold in homes as well. Unfortunately, if mold in homes is not removed properly, it can spread throughout the house.

Call In a Professional

Calling a professional is a way to make sure that mold in homes is properly removed. It may be an added cost for successful renovation, but think about it as one of those necessary outsourced chores like electrical that needs to be inspected and licensed.

Calling a professional will ensure that all evidence of mold is removed and the hone air quality is inspected and verified to be at acceptable levels. Such documentation goes a very long way when it comes to gaining top dollar from a resale. Now, you can also make certain improvements to prevent any further occurrences.

After all the mold is removed, a great idea is to take additional steps to prevent any more outbreaks. Install a fan in all bathrooms remains the number one best way toward preventing mold from recurring.

Additionally, people seeking to gain better resale earnings will find ventilation fans as important and welcome features potential buyers will appreciate to prevent mold in homes.

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