Basement Mold Detection

Mold Testing is an Important Tool for Home Selling

Mold testing may be one of the most important investments made when it comes time to sell a home. All homeowners know that the condition of their investment will play a large and looming part on how much they will eventually profit when the time comes for selling it.

Some owners start when they first purchase a home making sure to keep it well maintained to preserve, if not increase, its value. A great indicator of just how successful those years of loving maintenance have produced is having the house undergo mold testing.

A Cost Well Worth It

Having a home undergo mold testing may be a bit costly, but it will help increase the building’s resale value. There are many reasons a homeowner needs a certified mold inspection.

Prospective buyers will look to examine a number of building personality traits that include such aspects as energy consumption, room layouts, weather reinforcements and home air quality.

Also, new homes are expensive enough. No one wants to face costly repairs and any home bearing a certified inspection proving it has passed mold testing with flying colors will be that more attractive to purchase.

What to Do with a Negative Result After Mold Testing

Once a home has undergone mold testing and the results come back negative, sellers need to make certain that all prospective buyers are aware of the test results. Any real estate agents involved also need to be made aware of mold testing results.

Broadcasting the fact that the seller took the time, and spent the money, to undergo mold testing will be well appreciated by prospective buyers who will understand the type of efforts placed upon maintaining a home in great condition.

Once these prospective buyers have proof the home is in top flight condition, sellers may find themselves with offers meeting their financial needs. Always "publish" the cost for the mold testing since prospective buyers will understand the price tag placed on a home in great condition.

What To Do If The Mold Test is Positive?

In the event any mold testing produces a positive result, sellers are faced with two situations – remove it or inform prospective buyers of its existence. Often, home inspections revealing detrimental findings such as need for repairs or presence of mold compel prospective buyers to make offers that are monetarily reduced by the cists they will experience when getting the repair situations resolved.

Sellers should consult with real estate professionals to gain valuable guidance selecting the proper method for handling the situation in the event the mold testing proved positive. Keep in mind, though, real estate professionals will advise home sellers that they will see at least a 2-to-1 return on any money they invest in repairs prior to a sale.

As was mentioned earlier, homes are going to sell more quickly and at a better price if proven to be mold free. A mold testing will determine the home’s air quality and guide sellers in the right direction when it comes to what they seek as a return on investment.

Mold testing does remain as valuable a tool for preparing a home for resale as a fresh coat of paint or some spruced up landscaping will accomplish.

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