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What To Do If You Have Mold In Attic

What do you do if you have mold in attic? This is something that is quite common yet something that also needs to be dealt with the right away. Attic mold is generally caused in four different ways and they are:

  • Lack of adequate ventilation or improper ventilation
  • Existing or past roof or flashing leaks
  • Ice damming as a result of inadequate insulation and failure to incorporate “ice Guard” along the eves.
  • Improperly exhausted bathroom fans and or dryer vents.

Even though all of these situations can cause mold in attic the most common is improper ventilation. For the most part mold will not grow during the summer months.

Mold will usually only grow between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months we heat our homes and this is where the mold comes from. Naturally some of the heat is lost in the unused attic space.

If there is proper ventilation then the air mass will go outside. If there is no proper ventilation then this is when mold in attic occurs. The hot air meets the cold air and dew happens. This then can turn into mold and can cause some very serious health problems.

Many times a roof does have the proper ventilation yet the eves are not vented properly. Many times as well when new siding is placed on a house they never did the venting properly when installed. There is an easy way to check to see if there is proper ventilation in your attic.

Wait until a nice sunny day and go in the attic and look for the sunshine coming in along the edges. If there is no daylight coming in through the edges, chances are it’s not ventilated well and you may have mold in attic.

There are many things as well to make sure to keep an eye on in your home. It’s important to watch these as many of them left untreated can lead to mold. A roof leak is a big one and needs to be watched closely. It’s also within your best interest to have it checked out by a professional roofer.

Roof leaks can quickly fester into mold problems both in the attic cavity and even in the hidden wall cavities of the home. If mold in the attic is left untreated it can cause huge problems, health concerns and travel to the rest of the house. Being on top of it and aware of the signs of mold will make you better equipped for it.

Then there is the question as to how do you treat mold?  Regardless of how it is something that should be treated and dealt with immediately. One mold spore can develop into 12 million in 12 hours. It grows rapidly and spreads quickly. Quite often as well we try to deal with the mold and only touch the surface; the roots are the one you want to get at.

If you only touch the surface of the problem you can almost be guaranteed that the mold will re appear quickly. It may seem like a tedious and costly job to fix, and in many cases it is, yet its far best to do it correctly the first time. By doing this, and making sure that everything is right, you may never have to deal with mold in attic again.

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