How Do We Get Mold In Basement And How Can We Avoid It

Mold in basement can be a real problem but there are steps you can take to prevent it. The clean up from it is very time consuming and it some cases it is impossible for you to get it all out successfully.

Understanding the serious health problems and structural damages that mold can cause should motivate you to learn all you can about it. Armed with the right information you can successfully avoid it.

Too often people don’t know enough about mold, and then by the time they find out what the problem is they have a huge issue. Make a point to routinely look around your basement for any telling signs of mold. This includes musty odors, damp areas, and discoloration of walls, carpets, or wood furniture.

If you notice that you have any such problems you need to take action quickly. Mold in basement can grow quickly if you aren’t prepared for it. Most of us take the time to get our furnace cleaned and serviced before we use it. This is an annual process that is done as it is time for the cooler weather to set it.

Yet most people fail to do the same thing for their cooling system. Yet the air conditioner system as well as the vents where the cool air is pushed through can be problems. When the mold has grown in the air conditioner unit the spores can be released all over your home through those vents.

It is worthwhile to take the time to make sure you get your air conditioner serviced annually before you use it for the warmer temperatures that are coming up.

If you live in an region where humidity is a problem then you are at a higher risk for mold especially in basement areas. These areas sometimes are humid all year long as well as those that seem to have certain times of the year when it is more prevalent than others.

Dehumidifiers are a very simple and effective way to take care of this problem. Many of them operate on energy saving mode and are very quiet.

Many homes have basement bathrooms or that is where the dryer is. However, mold in a basement bathroom can grow due to the heat or in a laundry room with the right conditions. Fans should be used in order to help offset such problems. In a basement bathroom always leave the door open to help circulate air unless someone is actually using it.

A moisture meter is a great investment for your home. It will be less expensive than any mold clean up you have to do. This can be used to measure the amount of moisture in any area of your home. When you use it to look for mold, it can help you to find it in walls and underneath carpets. Check what your mold meter tells you frequently to prevent problems.

Water leaks are another problem in basements. Even a very slow leak that barely drops any water can be a serious problem. If you have a sprinkler system you need to be aware that those pipes under your home could actually leak. Checking them from time to time is very important. If you do notice signs of leaks you need to take care of them immediately. Avoiding a leak here helps a lot in preventing mold in basement.

Don’t have the attitude that they aren’t a big deal or that they aren’t leaking that much water. Any opportunity that mold has to grow in your basement needs to be closely looked at. You may have some environmental factors to consider too based on your location. Find out what those are so you can be very proactive when it comes to protecting your home from the development of mold in basement.