How to Get Rid of That Awful Mold Smell

Do you know what that mold smell is? Take a sniff. Do you smell that awful odor? This is a good sign there’s an unwanted guest in the house who isn’t leaving unless you get up the nerve to kick em out.

Otherwise that nasty mold smell will continue to emanate and everyone in the house could get terribly sick. Once you know what a mold smell is, you can start preparing to get rid of it.

So, Is This Awful Odor Mold Smell?

People who have had the misfortune of smelling mold will never forget the odor. It’s quite akin to the smell of rotting paper and wood. It has a musty and moist-like tangy odor that seems to be lingering in the air.

Many believe it smells a lot like cedar while others say it has a smell more like rotten wet socks. In every case, look for a musty and moist smell that never leaves no matter how long the windows in the room stay open.

Unfortunately, many people become accustomed to mold smell, which makes it very deadly. A good test of a room that has a mold smell is to leave, get some goof outdoors type of fresh air and then return to the suspect room. One whiff will inform you if there is something rotten afoot – or a room.

The Nose Knows All

The human nose is a great detector of mold smell. Sometimes, it will react – violently, well before your brain registers a mold smell. Often a very susceptible individual will begin sneezing simply walking into an infected room.

A person might even intone, "I don’t know why I always sneeze when I walk in here." It’s the mold.

Your nose is trying to tell you something that your brain has yet to recognize. Follow your nose because this sneezing may be the only indication you have of mold being present.

Where to Nose Out Mold Smell

This nasty natural substance grows wonderfully wherever moisture is present. Kitchens, bathrooms and basements are usually the main destinations in a home where mold likes to congregate. It loves humidity and either low or hot temperatures.

Don’t be surprised finding mold thriving in darkened closets, under carpets and rugs as well as in furniture fabric and behind walls and in ceilings. The best way to detect mold is to consider hiring a specialist. If you think there is a funny odor in the air, it is probably mold smell that is being sniffed. A pro can confirm your suspicions.

Devise a Get Rid of Mold Strategy

Once you have identified that musty old mold smell, it is time to come up with a plan to get rid of it. Better yet, when purchasing a mold-free home, create a strategy for prevention. Since moisture is the best friend of mold, keep the home dry, prevent all water popes from leaking and, if possible, waterproof the house during the construction stage.

Otherwise, you’ll be scrubbing with special cleansers, vacuuming rugs, carpets, drapes and furniture and spending money and time getting rid of that nasty mold smell and the substance itself.

Mold smell is bad enough but people can actually suffer in its presence. This is why it is important to know what mold smell is and when identified, get rid of it quickly.