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Basement Waterproofing To Avoid Black Mold

Basement waterproofing DIY tips

Basement waterproofing may require you to take a good look at your foundation. It is expensive to have the liner under your foundation replaced by a professional.

However, there are do it yourself projects that you can incorporate. They will allow you to get similar benefits but for a fraction of the cost. Your local home improvement retailers should have everything that you need.

Black mold is a very serious problem in many households. It will typically develop in the basement area. Taking effective measures to water proof your basement is important. You don’t want to have issues with mold.

The use of a hidden moisture meter can assist you with finding any problems very early on. This allows you to recognize moisture that can be under the floor or in the walls.

By pouring a concrete inner liner for the floors and walls on top of what you already have you will be able to keep the moisture out of your basement. For the best results this new liner needs to be at least two inches thick.

Make sure that you use only quality products for basement waterproofing when you are putting the ingredients together. It doesn’t pay to use cheaper products that don’t have the same properties as they won’t offer you the line of defense that you need.

The drywall that is wet will have to also be replaced. You should replace at least one foot in each direction around the areas you have found to be wet. That way you can ensure that all of the possible black mold spores have been removed.

If not, you may find you are replacing other sections of drywall later on. It is best to do a complete job the first time.

Basement waterproofing does not always eliminate the humidity

Eliminate any sources of water leaking in your basement. If your home is older you need to evaluate all of your pipes. Even small drips from them that you may not readily notice can cause higher humidity in your basement.

They can also result in black mold developing. Don’t wait for such leaks to occur but protect against them. A routine inspection of your pipes and water drains in the basement will help to make sure you don’t have black mold issues to deal with.

If you only use your basement for storage you may not go down there too often. It is a good idea to check it though and to pay attention to odors. Proper ventilation in the basement is important so that black mold doesn’t develop.

Fans to circulate air or a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture are great methods that can help you to avoid black mold. They are also very inexpensive which can be beneficial as well.

Don’t forget to evaluate ways for basement waterproofing against black mold from the outside. For example if you have holes around your foundation water run off from the roof and from rain can pool there. That can seep down into your basement.

Fill those holes in with dirt and keep an eye on them. Sometimes such digging occurs from outdoor pets so you may have to fill them more than once.

Black mold is dangerous and it can cause an array of health problems for your household. It can also ruin your carpeting, walls, and other items that may be stored in your basement. Taking preventative steps now can prevent you from having to spent time and money later on for destroying and cleaning up black mold.

Take all necessary steps for basement waterproofing in your own given situation now to avoid mold and more serious costs later.

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