Water Damage Mold Assessment And Remedy

Water damage mold can easily develop in your home, particularly in basement areas. A proper assessment of what has taken place is important. Water damage can occur due to leaking pipes, rain, flood damage, and more.

Taking fast action to clean it up is of utmost importance. Even with diligence though you can end up with moisture that is very hard to remove from the flooring or walls.

Why you need a water damage mold assessment

With a water damage mold assessment you have the opportunity to reduce that damage as much as possible. For the use of a hidden moisture meter is a great place to start.

This allows you to easily be able to detect moisture that is in areas you can’t readily see.

Do you have water in the basement but no clue where it came from? Using such a device can help you to find those locations as well as the severity of the amount of water that is present.

Updating the foundation of your home may be necessary when you find out what is causing the water damage. This is something that can be very stressful for many homeowners due to the cost involved.

Get some estimates to find out what can be done and the cost. It may be less than you had thought. Talk to your home insurance agent too and find out if you may be eligible for some type of assistance that covers payment for the damages and repairs.

There are some instances where you can complete the work on your own too. By paying only for supplies and not labor costs you may be able to get the price down to a range that you are able to reasonably afford.

This should only be considered though after the water damage mold assessment has been completed. That way you can make sure the plan of action you follow is one that has a good chance of working and protecting your home.

Any time you recognize a musty odor you likely have water damage and the potential for mold is high. Evaluate the area for signs of colors such as yellow, black, or green. Keep in mind that the mold can be under a surface or it can be behind a wall so you can’t always visually see it.

Once you have completed your water damage mold assessment you will have enough information to develop your strategy. You need to be able to isolate the mold and to prevent it from being able to reoccur.

This means you need to find what is causing the problem. From there you need to focus on killing the mold and then removing it. You can’t just kill it and allow it to remain.

How to kill water damage mold

Washing the area with bleach or painting over it aren’t effective measures, but often typical remedies that people use. You do need to be careful that the information you get is accurate. Too often there is information circulating online that simply isn’t effective for successfully resolving issues with mold.

Only use reliable resources and double check them. Remember, just because you read something online doesn’t make it credible!

You will need to use boric acid to remove mold and then wash the areas down with disinfectant to remove it. Using protective coating materials when you are done can also help to reduce the chances of mold developing in the future.

You have to pay attention to the details when it comes to mold. Otherwise you can end up with problems like mold poisoning and poisonous spores that just linger in your environment. Water damage mold can make you and your family very ill due to the spores moving around your home.